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The Compuprint 9000 family is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s applications while offering unmatched performance in Windows and graphic printing environments. The ideal solution for mission critical requirements, with the full flexibility to support a variety of forms and documents.

  • Long life 18 pins print-head technology
  • 1100 cps at 10cpi
  • Superior performance in graphics printing
  • Dual front straight paper paths
  • 8 copies capability
  • Simple to use, pre-set configurations
  • Open for connectivity with optional integrated LAN
  • Wide range of barcodes and macro-characters

adobe Print Datasheet

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology 18 pin serial dot matrix printer
Printing speed (cps)
max: 1100cps
15 cpi 12 cpi 10 cpi
HDS/Draft –/960cps –/960 cps 1100/800 cps
DPtext 480 cps 480 cps 480 cps
LQ 240 cps 240 cps 240 cps
Throughput (ISO/IEC 10561) 750pph
Line Length 136 columns @ 10 cpi
Paper Handling Push tractor + 2nd optional front push tractor (Width from 76 to 432 mm- maximum thickness 0,64 mm)
Pull tractor (optional), Cutter 1+7 copies (optional), 3 kind of different pedestals
Copies 1 + 7
Special Functions Automatic paper path alternation, Automatic Gap Adjustment of print-head (AGA), Zero tear-off (with selectable time-out),
Automatic paper parking for continuous form, selectable “fast graphic mode via menu or sw driver, code update capability via
parallel and LAN I/Fs, up to 4 configuration setting selectable and printable
Graphic resolution (dpi) 60, 72, 80, 90 120,180, 240 (horizontal); 72, 144 (vertical)
Vertical spacing 6-8-12 lines/inch – 3-4-6-8-12 lines/30mm – n/60, n/72, – n/216 – per inch
Horizontal spacing 5, 6, 7.5, 8.5, 10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20, cpi and proportional
Barcodes UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC/EAN ADD-ON 2, UPC/EANADD-ON 5, Code 2 of 5 Bidirectional / Interleaved / Industrial /
Matrix, Code 39, Code 128, Code 11, Code 93, MSI, Codabar, POSTNET
Character set PC standard set CS 1 & CS2 – IBM code Pages :CP437, CP437Greek,CP850, CP851, CP852, CP853, CP855,CP857, CP858,
CP860, CP862, CP863, CP864, CP865, CP866, CP867, CP876, CP877, CP1098, CP1250, CP1251, CP1252, CP1253, CP1254,
CP1255, CP1256, CP1257 –
ISO Char Sets: 8859/1, 8859/2, 8859/3, 8859/4, 8859/5, 8859/6, 8859/7, 8859/8, 8859/9, 8859/15 –
Epson National Variations: USA, France, Germany, England, Denmark 1,Sweden, Italy, Spain 1, Japan, Norway, Denmark 2, 
Spain 2, Latin America 1 –
ANSI National variations: USA, German, French A, French B,French/Canadian, Netherlands, Italian, United Kingdom,
Spanish,Danish/Norwegian A / B / C / D Swedish/Finnish A / B / C / D, Switzerland, Cyrillic, Yugoslavia,
United Kingdom A, Turkey, Greece. –
Other national variations: Roman-8, Kamenicky, CWI, IN2, CP864 Extended, Turkish, CP Bulgarian, 96Greek,Gost,
Tass, Mazowia, Ukranian, CP437Slavic, KOI8-U
Resident font Draft, Courier, Gothic, DP Text, OCR-A, OCR-B
Resident Emulations IBM Proprinter III XL, 2381 Personal Printer, Epson FX Series, ANSI, CPG Native commands.
Interfaces Centronics, Parallel IEEE 1284 bi-directional,
Serial RS-232 C, Serial RS-422-A (Automatic Interface Switching)
Ethernet 10/100 baseT integrated card (optional)
Input buffer up to 128 Kbytes buffer, Plug&play (Windows environments)
Reliability MTBF: 10.000 hours
Print Head Life 800 million characters
Ribbon life Black ribbon 25 MC, color ribbon (optional)
Noise Level <54 dBA
Power Supply Universal from 100 to 230 V -Frequency : 60Hz / 50Hz
Power consumption 120 W max. (printing), 30 W (standby)
Physical Dimensions & Weight 670 (W) x 320 (H) x 450 (D) mm – 21 Kg

adobe Print Datasheet

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